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Hi, my name is Andreea and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After donating my hair this month, I am asking for your help to finance the production of a wig that will hopefully bring a smile to someone in need.

My mother passed away at the age of 50 in 2010, after battling with cancer for years. I miss her dearly every single day. She had beautiful long hair and chemotherapy affected that to the point she decided to choose a wig for her day to day life. A wig is more than just a wig for a cancer patient, it can be a relief, a way to recognize your old self in the mirror and get a ray of hope. In October 2022 I decided to donate my hair to Haarwensen foundation and now I am asking for your help to finance the creation of a wig to someone who needs that hope. Haarwensen is an ANBI and depending on the amount you donate you might be able to request a tax deduction in the Netherlands.



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01 november 2022


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17 oktober 2022

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