The big year of change starts with a shave

Het doel is behaald maar wij gaan verder! De teller staat inmiddels op € 600,00.

€ 600,00

120% van het bedrag is opgehaald!

Hi everyone! In January I am going to shave my head and donate my hair to Haarwensen who have helped make over 2000 children happy with beautiful hairpieces. This organisation donates hairpieces to children who have experienced hair loss due to medical conditions such as alopecia or cancer treatment.

I am asking for your help to finance the production of a hairpiece that will bring a smile to a young person in need :) Any amount big or small is very much appreciated and will go a long way! Donate via the 'Ik steun deze actie' button. Thank you for your donation!



€ 7,00

11 januari 2023


€ 20,00

10 januari 2023


€ 20,00

You look amazing!

10 januari 2023


€ 15,00

What a super thing! Hope that you have a very warm hat for your trip! :) I will miss you!

09 januari 2023

€ 28,00

From the lovely Hairdresser that cut my hair

27 december 2022


€ 25,00

19 december 2022


€ 35,00

19 december 2022

Deze actie is afgelopen.